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The Best Moving Service Providers

As anyone who’s ever moved knows, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. To minimize the stress, it helps to find a company that you can trust. But there are many different options, from full-service movers to self-serve moving container providers. The best choice depends on your budget and how much time you want to devote to the move. Here are some of the top-rated companies to consider for your next move.

IVL is one of the most recognized names in long-distance moving services, with a vast network of movers and a wide range of add-on services to make your move as easy and affordable as possible. The company works as a carrier and broker to service a variety of move sizes, from local studio apartment moves to cross-country five-bedroom moves. Its highly rated customer service is another huge draw for this company.

This New York City based moving company best moving service is the best choice for those who need to move expensive or fragile items. Its movers are trained to handle these items with care and will take extra measures to protect them. In addition, it offers storage for up to 30 days at no additional cost. The company also offers an online calculator to help estimate the costs of your move.

JK Moving is a family-owned and operated company that has built a reputation on customer service. Its movers are trained to handle a variety of items, from delicate antiques and artwork to furniture and electronics. The company also provides a variety of packing options, including custom crating for high-value items. JK Moving’s customer service team also responds quickly to questions and concerns.

While Safeway doesn’t have the large, nationwide presence of some other moving companies, its positive customer reviews are unmatched in the industry. This may be due to its flat rate pricing, which means you won’t have to worry about sticker shock during the final billing phase of your move. Plus, the company’s detailed cost estimates help to ensure that you won’t be surprised by unexpected charges.

In addition to its standard full-service moving services, Safeway offers a unique moving package called iDeliver that includes self-service shipping containers for smaller moves. These containers are available in eight, 12, and 16-foot sizes, so you can fit a small apartment or a two-bedroom home inside. Safeway’s prices are slightly higher than those of traditional full-service movers, but you can cut costs by taking advantage of its free 30 days of storage.

If you’re moving from New York to Boston, JP Urban is the best choice for your move. This company specializes in residential and commercial moves, as well as providing reusable bins for customers who want to avoid using cardboard boxes. Its movers are experienced with handling large and heavy items and can offer storage solutions for longer-term moves. The company also has an artistic backstory—co-owner John McCutcheon graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in music, which might explain why the company has a solid reputation for moving pianos.

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