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Using a Mason for Your Home or Business

Masonry is a complex skill that requires extensive training and on-the-job experience. This is why it is important to only hire experienced masonry contractors to handle your building or home. When hiring a mason, make sure to check references and see examples of their work. It’s also a good idea to ask for references from previous clients.

Boston Masonry Repair & Hardscape Services

If you’re looking to add value and appeal to your home or business, consider remodeling your kitchen with a new stone surface, adding a patio or fireplace, creating a custom outdoor living space or enhancing the landscape with a stone pathway, paver edging or a fountain or pond. The skilled masonry in boston ma team at Boston Masonry and Hardscapes can help with all of these projects, as well as roof and chimney repairs.

Using a skilled mason ensures your property or structure will stand the test of time and weather. They will remove water stains, repair damaged areas and enhance the color of your brick or stone, keeping it looking beautiful in all seasons.

Brick and stone are excellent choices for many different architectural styles, ranging from modern to classic. Whether your vision is a contemporary style home or a rustic farmhouse, the stone mason can create a unique look for your home that will last for generations to come.

The ancient art of masonry is known for its durability and strength, making it the ideal choice for any project or property. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide variety of masonry materials including brick, block, stone, concrete, cast stone, limestone or marble.

Your masonry needs will be met with the proper type of material for your project, based on the design of the space and the purpose of the project. Typically, a masonry contractor will discuss the options for your project with you to determine which material is best for the job.

When repairing or replacing a brick, block or stone wall, it’s crucial to use mortar that has the correct consistency and ratio of lime and cement to provide strength and resistance. This ensures that the wall will not collapse, which can be devastating for your property.

Often, it is necessary to replace the mortar between the bricks. If this is not done properly, the bricks can fall out of the wall and cause damage to your home or commercial building.

It is also essential to avoid putting in a new brick or stone wall without repointing and reinforcing the existing mortar joint. This can cause the wall to crack or deteriorate, as the old grout will be exposed and can erode over time.

You can protect your investment with expert masonry repairs from the experienced masonry contractors at Boston Masonry and Hardscapes. These experts can restore your chimneys, exterior brick walls, fences and other masonry features to their original beauty and durability.

The masonry construction industry is a growing one, with more and more homes and businesses seeking masonry services in order to improve the aesthetics of their property. With so many masonry contractors to choose from, it can be difficult to know who to trust to do a quality job.

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